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Kitchen Hood Tyco Fire Suppression System

Detecting the Fire Depending

On the nature of the equipment under protection, we can activate dry chemical fire suppression systems using several different fire detection technologies:

Mechanical fusible links

Electric thermal detectors

Flame detectors such as UV detectors and IR detectors

Linear heat detection strips

Pneumatic fire detection loops


Ed's Fire Offers You Total Fire Protection At Ed's Fire we can provide you dry chemical fire suppression systems to protect your industrial equipment and processes. We can provide service and maintenance on all your fire protection equipment. One call does it all for the service and testing of all your protection needs.

Kitchen Hood Fire System InspectionsKitchen Hood Fire System Inspections


Types of Equipment Protected

The best candidates for dry chemical fire suppression systems are industrial applications. The agents most commonly employed are ABC or BC type powder. They are extremely effective fire fighting agents that suppresses fire by coating the surface of the combusting material. The coating separates the fuel from the oxygen supply, and prevents reflash. Typical hazards protected include:

Fire Protection Engineering from Ed's Fire

The engineering of dry chemical fire suppression systems is one capabilities of our company. At Ed's Fire you will have available:

Factory Trained certified Designers, Installers, and Technicians Engineered Drawings Designed with Autocad Full color engineered drawings Recommendations on what and how to protect